The Path of Angels

A 3-hour Live Online Course

Before we were born we chose a Life Plan…
and a Team of Angels to guide us along this path.

Receive a Map of where your Angels graduated,
and Why you choose their Wisdom to support you.

Life’s Challenges and Triumphs are all part of your plan. We choose the Opportunities in this school called Earth for one reason. To expand and become a stronger ray of light from the Great Source we all come from.

We also chose the people we will meet. Some will be like Wayshowers for us, and others will be our Apprentices, learning from our way of Being.

This COURSE: THE PATH OF ANGELS is about bringing it ALL together…

  • Your Life Thrust
  • Your Team of Helpers
  • Your Team on Planet Earth

To fully LIVE the Spark of your Original Dream.


We will dive into…

  • Who Are My Angels And What Are Their Strengths?
  • Who Am I Here To Truly Be And How Can I Fulfill My Plan?
  • How Can I Receive Crystal Clear Guidance All The Time?
  • Who Am I Here To Work With And What Is My Part?

Be prepared to Share from the Echo of your Soul, Experience NEW Advanced techniques like Checkers Circle, Security of Love, Refined Balance, and more…


Sunday September 10, 12:15pm central

Online at the Oasis Zoom / $49 for Current Members

To be FREE to feel on Top of the WORLD, Spiritually and Abundantly!

YOU have an Abundant Message to Deliver!!

* Registration closes 36 hours before each course.
* Existing Oasis Members: be sure you are logged in to see your $49 course discounted price.

Registration Deadline:








I am so happy I made this step! In a very short time, I was able to connect with my spiritual guidance. I do not have to go through hours of meditating to get answers. I can receive answers to my questions right away! I am amazed at how my received guidance holds true. My deepest appreciation to you Dennis!

Alicia Hurley

Owner, Amazing Living Radio Studios Nassau, TX

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