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Introduction to the Universe

Soul and the Universe

We are Energy (rub your hands together and feel this). This is who we ARE. And energy cannot be created or destroyed. It just IS. However, it may change form or vibration in this Vast Universe that is constantly flowing. It has been measured to be about 4 watts in British Thermal Units. We are a Soul, we don’t have a Soul, we are a Soul. When our soul leaves our body to return to the ALL, this energy is no longer measurable. Our soul is connected to our body through what is referred to as the silver cord. We cannot die. We simply are, have been, and always will be a Unique ray of light from the Source. What we do with our Awareness of our Energy makes all the difference in the world.

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Balance of Heart and Head

Planet Earth is a school. It is a school that we can return to again and again until we learn the lessons we want to learn. We evolve through our Experiences in life, and this becomes wisdom as we become One with the Universe. While here we have two Natures that need to be Balanced within us. They are our True Feelings and our Thoughts. Our feelings are what we bring with us to our new body. A baby has powerful feelings that guide them, if it feels good they fully express it, if it doesn’t, they fully express that! If you ever watch a preschool everyone is running around with their own direction and miraculously, rarely do they bump into each other.

Our True Feelings are not our Emotions. Emotions are taught renditions of the real thing, like jealously, envy, pride, glory, hate, infatuation, act. We can learn to be detached from these energy influences and be in our simple true feelings.

Our thoughts are what we develop while we are here on Earth as our great common denominator. There are so many different levels of souls that we need guidelines to respect each other as we grow. This includes building great accomplishments and team efforts. The rules of the game can free us if we understand them, and understand our Self. If we don’t understand them, we are caught in the game and can spend a lifetime rebelling against something that is actually a tool for discovery. We need a balance of both to be fulfilled and successful on Planet Earth.


Society is the great system that we use to evolve. Think for a moment, what are the things you like to be Involved in. They are things that you understand and feel comfortable in. This is the ideal of Society. Unfortunately it has become so over organized that its purpose is sometimes lost. Schools, health care, business, governments, religions have at different times become an end in themselves. And people become afraid to stand out and try something different. We are all free regardless. We can learn to play the game better than the organizers of systems that control, and use it move faster and have more fulfillment than we can ever imagine. This takes maturity. This takes being more truthful with your Self sometimes than with the mores of Society.
Understanding and healing the maze that we were programmed by our Parents (and Society) is the Golden Key to unlocking our true self, and fully expressing the Unique purpose we came here to Live.

Levels of Energy

One of the things about energy is that if there are Obstacles it will stop flowing or slow down. There are actually 4 common levels of energy around planet earth. One is in Confusion. Religions have different names for this, but it’s just not a very nice place to be. A soul doesn’t know which way is Up, and often pulled down with negative thoughts of all kinds. This is why Cleansing is so important. Sometimes we don‘t need to figure things out, as much as get moving and back into a flow of consistent white light. Letting go of perceived hurts and injustices is the key to move from this energy.

Another energy is Limbo. This is a bit tricky. You can have people that look like they know all the answers, and present big ideas, and presentations, but something just doesn’t feel right. They are trying to prove and capture your attention, rather than live and let live. They gather energy from others by doing this, rather than get involved themselves in the learning. There is a whole level of souls that come from this place (on the planet and outside of it).
The most important levels of Planet Earth are being grounded in your experiences on a daily basis. You can regroup and be aware of exactly what your lessons are every day as a soul, from the most trivial experiences to huge shifts in awareness. This is the NOW.

The other important level is that of your Spiritual Guidance and all Free souls. They are deep in the Source energy, and have a profound respect and love for people as they travel their own personal path home.

Inner Guidance (Angels)

Angels are referred to in almost all religious doctrines or traditions. The idea of having personal guidance to help you along your path is nothing new. At times this has been romanticized or downsized depending on who wants to gain attention. The reality is we will all evolve from planet earth and eventually graduate to be a Guide or Angel. Think about it. How can you Guide someone if you haven’t Experienced it yourself? Your guides have already mastered a part of what you came to do and they will work together with you to grow, either by Faith and Confidence, or by Trial and Error. They are not here to save you, but to guide when you are ready to take steps on your Own. They want you to feel confident in your abilities, and in your sensitivity. Learning how to communicate directly with your team, and knowing your life plan is a foundational piece of this work. We CAN be 100% happy, fulfilled, inspired, successful, joyful. It all is a matter of being Sincere enough to look within and recognize when an opportunity or tool comes our way.


We all have incredible Gifts. These gifts were given to us when we were born, and are so natural to us that we sometimes forget we have them. They have an inner perception and an outer one. They are our Gifts of Vision (inner seeing), Feeling (gut feelings), Hearing (still small voice) and Smell/Taste (prophecy).

Through these gifts we can enjoy All of Life, and learn to trust our inner Awareness of reality BEFORE it happens. We can create, be prepared, be aligned to a greater version of ourselves and of life through recognizing the order of these gifts in our soul and how we choose to be this life. We have all four, but we as well as those around us, will have predominant traits. Understanding this is the Secret to Great Communication! And all of life is Communication.


Everything happens in its Season. The tumblers of the Universe are one great big rhythm. Sometimes we not understand where we are, or be impatient, but if we are focused and consistent manifestation is natural. If we can’t see around the hill, it’s time to trust. If an opportunity comes to us that’s right, it’s time to act. If things are not flowing, it’s time to reflect.

Our body and life lessons flow in cycles on planet earth. There is a time for unlimited feelings, a time for developing the intellect, a time for independence and rebellion, a time for maturity, a time for looking for God, a time for abundance, a time for inventory, a time for decisions, a time for our greatest work, and a time for letting go… back to the Oneness that began and will always BE.

I have been Inspired…YES…by my Inner Guidance.  Thank you for… Being able to live my dream… for that inspiration that grows in me… thank you. For you to believe in each one of us… being able to meet beautiful souls on the Oasis calls. Thank you ALL!  For our courage to believe in Abundance, our Creativity. But the be able to Touch the roots of our selves and be guided by spirit INTO THE RIGHT DIRECTION. We need leaders like you in this World!
Gabriela Degadillo

Artist/Transformational Healing Coach, Scottsdale, AZ/Spain

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