Oasis Membership

$15.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $1.00 sign-up fee

Come dip your toes into the Oasis for only $1 and enjoy your 1st 30 Days of Membership.
  • You will receive your Cleansing Technique Video, Intro to the Universe video, and an opportunity to join our weekly Group calls where we share techniques to go deeper with your Inner Guidance!
  • You will receive a Personalized Guidance Chart showing how many Angels you have, what are your Gifts in communicating with them, and how can you get Insights, and Yes and No answers!
  • You receive clarity on exactly what your Life Purpose is and keys to unfolding this into Abundance in Life!
Come and experience the Oasis community for your SELF!! You Deserve it!!



A monthly membership to the Oasis.
Take 30 days to try our group calls and community for just $1. Membership will then continue at $15 every 30 days, but you can cancel at any time via your personal dashboard. Come co-create with us!!

The Oasis takes you on an Inner Journey through 1) Intro to the Universe 2) Cleansing your Soul and 3) Being attuned to your Inner Guidance.

  • 3-Minute Cleansing Technique to cleanse your aura and recharge your Energy
  • Receive your Inner Guidance Chart complete with Videos for FREE!
  • Understand your Gift Order: Intuition, Vision, Feeling and Prophecy and how this informs and impacts how you show up in the world
  • Learn a technique to identify a clear Yes and No for any situation where you are stuck in analysis paralysis
  • Insight into your Life Purpose and how this equals abundance and fulfillment
  • PLUS: Get your personal 30 minute one-on-one Inner Guidance Consultation with Dennis at 20% off for members (normally $75)

There are few moments in everyone’s life, grand, very intense and powerful; when you know without a shadow of a doubt you’ve been touched by an angel. I wish I could express how grateful I am for my new playground of light, but sometimes words fail. So I will simply say, Thank you for my new Inner Vision!

— Nicoleta Chesaru Inner Fashion Designer NYC

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