Jump in the FOUNTAIN!! An Oasis Inner Journey!!

Coming Sept 24th 8pm @ Maven’s Moon – Fort Worth, TX

Experience a Demonstration of the Power of Directed Energy,
Aligned with our Unique Life Purpose!!

The OASIS is an Inspired Community that’s here to support YOUR connection to your Highest Potential!

You are the expert for You, and with the right Tools and Encouragement, you can access your PEACE, PURPOSE, and ABUNDANCE in Life.

The Oasis community takes you on an Inner Journey to

  1. Understanding your Purpose in the Universe!
  2. Being attuned to your Inner Guidance!
  3. Sharing in your own Inspired Discovery Group!

You can travel as fast or as slow as you want on this Journey. It will include personal sessions, videos for discovery, and group play with others around the World. Along the way you will be completely aligned with what you’ve come to do This Life, and bring this Gift into an Abundant Service.

We invite you to Explore… YOU!

three video gifts

We’d like to give you three FREE gifts

Connect with us to receive your gifts and future updates on the Oasis.

I am so happy I made this step! In a very short time, I was able to connect with my spiritual guidance. I do not have to go through hours of meditating to get answers. I can receive answers to my questions right away! I am amazed at how my received guidance holds true. My deepest appreciation to you Dennis!
Alicia Hurley

Owner, Amazing Living Radio Studios Nassau, TX

Join the Oasis

We are here to Align with others that hear our Call, and to support those that want to be Free Spiritually from within! Join us and receive the Tools and Encouragement to find your PEACE, PURPOSE, and ABUNDANCE in Life.

Oasis Inner Journeys

A spiritual community that’s here to support your connection to the divine.

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