Join us for an OASIS Inner Journey!!

Experience a 9 Minute Meditation
A Journey of music, water & words
for relaxation, guidance & sleep

Find Your Answers Within!


– Understand your Self and the Universe in 13 minutes
– Experience a Cleansing tool you can use for the rest of your Life
– Get Crystal clear insights from your Inner Guidance (Angels)
– Discover the Unique Vibration that is your Message
– Share with other Beautiful Souls around the World

Receive the Tools to answer your Life Questions!!
Access your Inspiration, Guidance, and Life Purpose!!
YOU Need to be FREE!!

First STEP of the OASIS…
Understand your Purpose!

Second STEP of the Oasis…
Connect to your Inner Guidance!

Third STEP of the Oasis…
Share online in a Discovery Group!

Free LIVE ONLINE Events!
Reserve your Spot below for Zoom Experiences Worldwide. Or Contact us to Learn more!!

Sherri Reed – Founder and CEO of Sanctuary For Life
Healing the Healers

Espanol Oasis  Sunday Evenings 6pm Central Time

Every 3rd Sunday, Fort Worth TX
Find your Purpose (Thrust) in Life and Live it!!

Hannah Hannah – Founder  Weapons R U
Finding Peace in Strength

For a Glimpse into the

Visit the 4 Plateaus

“We can Grow as fast or as slow as we want in Life. There is no Finish line!”

I am so happy I made this step! In a very short time, I was able to connect with my spiritual guidance. I do not have to go through hours of meditating to get answers. I can receive answers to my questions right away! I am amazed at how my received guidance holds true. My deepest appreciation to you Dennis!
Alicia Hurley

Owner, Amazing Living Radio Studios Nassau, TX

Join the Oasis

We are here to Align with others that hear our Call, and to support those that want to be Free Spiritually from within! Join us and receive the Tools and Encouragement to find your PEACE, PURPOSE, and ABUNDANCE in Life.

Oasis Inner Journeys

A spiritual community that’s here to support your connection to the divine.

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